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House of Quinn studio | Kinfolk Magazine

House of Quinn studio | Kinfolk Magazine

House of Quinn is a design studio and online concept store based in Sussex, by Julius Arthur

Influenced by my Cornish heritage and the ideas around daily rituals, House of Quinn was created to propose a simple edit of handmade objects for living spaces. The objects I create take on meaning through their use and function, working with renewed and consciously sourced textiles to minimise environmental impact.

Launched in 2016 House of Quinn is known for signature quilts and soft furnishings. Each quilt is handmade in Sussex using a combination of textile compositions and traditional quilting and appliqué techniques to ensure each piece is totally unique. Simple luxuries for everyday life.

After graduating from my Masters in Fashion Design, I realised my passion is for contemporary crafts, making and creating objects that had connections with everyday life. I work with the notion that items have meaning and emotional integrity. Collecting objects and building personal narratives is something I find fascinating and I explore that in my work.


Exhibitions & Work

Toast: New Makers programme (2019)

The Studio : London Design Fair (2018) 

Animal, Vegetable, Mineral : The New Craftsmen (2017)

The Festival of Quilts (2017)