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What's new for 2017

Julius ArthurComment

Well, we are getting knees deep into January 2017 now and we kicked off the year to a good start. 

As you know. House of Quinn has been slowly but surely expanding. We have taken on some new local makers into the store, we are looking to work with some amazing people in the coming months and we are also excited about some new products that will be dropping as the season progresses. 

But overall 2017 is going to be a year of motivation, moving forward and trying new things. We have set ourselves some goals and plugged in some time to really getting going with the creative ideas that have been buzzing around the studio. 

These are my three top goals for 2017 - 

  • Make and create more
  • Visit new places and discover new things
  • Enjoy life to the full 

As each month goes on I will keep updating you guys with what is going on, plans, developments, products and new blog posts. But I also really want to know what you guys are up too, so do drop us a line and let us know if you have any exciting plans, ideas for the shop or for the blog. Products you would like to see, or ideas for collaborations. 

We love hearing from the followers, readers and customers so do say hello!