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The Caster Collection

Julius ArthurComment
The Caster collection from House of Quinn

The Caster, is an ongoing collection of textile studies and quilts inspired by ideas of ‘casting’.

Ink blocked, net-like structures are cast against organic forms, wandering across the surface of Irish linen and reclaimed cotton. Throwing outward and into the other, the caster uncertain of the catch to be drawn back in. 

Each a shadow to the intended efforts of the casters actions. A spell, a fish, the light, an eye. 


The Caster collection began while on a trip to Portugal. Standing along the harbour in a small seaside port were structural forms and shapes guarding the harbour walls. On closer inspection, these monoliths were towers of shell fish crates and nets. There varying design and contrasting patterns stood out amongst the idilic seaside setting and started off the exploration that led to The Caster collection.

The new body of work that has come from the development of these net like shapes has been paired with organic forms and informal stitching to create an ongoing body of work.

I have teamed up with Mange Tout, Brighton to put on a preview exhibition of The Caster Collection which consists of five initial quilted textiles studies. Created with beautiful linen and cotton fabrics which have been hand printed with linseed inks and hand made block stamps. Collaging different compositions, working with the lines and forms in my inspiration.

The development of the collection will move into other ranges of interior items that will all come to the online store in the next few months.


The collection preview can be seen at Brighton’s, Mange Tout restaurant on Trafalgar street. Hanging from the 19th August to the 22nd September. Draping the walls of one of Brightons most loved places to brunch in an informal setting, Mange Tout offers a french inspired menu made with fresh local produce.


On the hanging day, a group of amazing friends and I headed to meet the Mange Tout team to put up the collection. With quilts, irons and make shift ironing boards in hand, we collectively ironed and tinkered with the quilts in the empty restaurant space. I don’t think I have ever ironed a quilt on location so this was a new experience for me and the restaurant team.

We soon got all five quilts on the walls, setting them off against the background of the restaurant, each piece coming to life in the evening sun as it shone through the facade of the restaurant windows.

Now the collection acts as a backdrop to the busy restaurant and hopefully can be enjoyed as much as the food served at Mange Tout.

The Caster is accompanied by a poem written for the collection by Dianne Arthur. A writer and poet who lives in Cornwall.


Keep up to date with The Caster collection on our Instagram account and online store.