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Statement Quilting & London Design Fair 2018

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House of Quinn takes on London Design Fair 2018, throwing in an offering of contemporary statement quilts into the design arena. 

A moment in London's Design calendar and a destination for innovation within interior and surface design. London Design Fair takes over every inch of Truman's Brewery exhibition space in the heart of London's East End. 

LDF is focused on makers practise, techniques and tradition. Even with innovation you will find inspiration in traditional making. House of Quinn provides a tactile moment amongst concrete, plastic and glass. Contemporary quilting and statement soft furnishings go hand in hand at House of Quinn. Offering a very different approach to traditional quilt making. 

House of Quinn quilt

The world of quilting comes with a preconceived idea, even when I tell people what I do they make a politely disguised but confused face until I show them a few photos. Then they are onboard.

My practice has evolved over the last few years, and my love for quilt making happened from questioning what I was going to do with the off-cuts and excess waist from when I used to make clothing. I am a secret hoarder (not so secret to my friend and housemate) who cannot bear to part with something if I know it is useful or will one day have a purpose. 

I know, we all preach clean lines, open plan living and simplicity. All of which I love, but when you are a maker there is always at least one room in a makers space that is dedicated to collecting and hording all the wonders of that maker's world. 

Textiles have always been a big part of my working practice, as well as connecting with objects. Items that you collect to tell your personal story or remember someone else's. Quilts are the quintessential functional yet emotionally charged, created to tell stories which come from all over the world. 

With that built-in providence and the time it takes to tell each story in 'quilt' form, quilts have become the canvas for House of Quinn. 

House of Quinn quilts

Telling stories with textiles and creating functional yet beautiful, statement moments for house and home is what we will be bringing to this years London Design Fair. Showcasing a traditional approach with a contemporary outcome and turning quilts from dowdy to desirable in a contemporary design setting. 

You can find us at London Design Festival here

20th - 23rd September 

Old Truman Brewery, London

Stand 7.33 - Hall 7

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