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Julius ArthurComment

Did your mother tell you that if you held a buttercup under your chin you liked butter?

Seems so silly doesn't it, but it provides fond memories of the spring fields of Cornwall, and testing your love of butter with friends.  

A love of plants has been deeply engrained in me from childhood. They provide triggers to memories of my younger days, people and events. 

There is nothing better than introducing plants into your day to day life. For me, it is not easy without a garden, but I will fill any space with a plant if I can. 

Now that spring has finally sprung. I popped out to pick up some colourfull accents for the small space outside our flat. 

Nearly everyone has seen or know the Ranunclus. I mentioned the buttercup before because this vivid yellow, small but perfect flower is a member of the Ranunclus family. 

As you can see, i went for the full, blousy and bold versions for my spring update.  One of my favourite blooms of all time. (The other top two favorites of mine are Peonies and Anemonies, incase anyone wants to buy me flowers!) 


There were so many options at the garden centre. like an excited child with my gran at the Royal Cornwall horticulture tent at a very young age, it reminded me of her. telling me all the plant names and picking something out to take home and look after like a pet. 

In the end I picked the brightest yellow and beautiful variagated pink. But I want them all.  



What have you been planting this spring, to brighten up where ever you live?