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Quilting workshops with Hole & Corner Magazine

Julius ArthurComment

This year we will be running two quilting workshops in collaboration with Hole & Corner magazine at Port Eliot festival.

Over the course of the litterary and arts festival you can join us for a four hour work shop, creating a small minuture quilt that you can take away and display on your walls at home, use as a placemat or decorative pot holder in the home.

I will be taking you through the process of layering your quilt, hand applique and hand quilting. We will then bind the final peice and finish it by hand.

The workshop is open to everyone ages 16+ and will take some patience and dedication, but ultimatly we will have some fun and a nice time quilting with others while relaxing in the beautiful setting of Port Eliot.

The workshops are £35 per person for the four hour duration and you will be supplied with all the materials and equipment to make your quilt.

I look forward to seeing you there!