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The Festival of Quilts

Julius ArthurComment

because I have been getting knees deep in quilts and quilting here in the studio. I thought that it would be nice to delve into the quilting world and find out what was going on in the larger quilting community. 

When I was much younger, I worked in an amazing fabric shop in the heart of Cornwall, each week the local quilters would come in and get their supplies. Riffling through the fabrics and spending hours strolling along the vast shelves of quilting cotton that we had at the time. It was a dream job as a young person, making their way into the creative industry *

Inspired by the world of quilting I entered The Festival of Quilts 2017, for the first time! Exciting! 

Hosted at the NEC in Birmingham, The Festival of Quilts is home to hundreds of quilters and quilt related makers from all over the world. From the very traditional to the new guard of the quilting world. I entered in the hope to put forward my point of view and showcase my quits in an international setting. 

This year I am sending in two quilts for the show and I am really excited to let you all know how it goes and what happens in the coming months. 

Here is a little video of me prepairing my entries for the show. 


* if you want to find out more about the fabric store it is Truro Fabrics and you can find them here at 

The Festival of Quilts