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Julius ArthurComment

One of my main obsessions is ceramics, I cant get enough of beautifully made, new or old pottery. I prefer interesting stoneware and hand thrown over bone china, but as an art form it can be amazing. 

Very envious of ceramicist and potters. I attended a small event last month, hosted by PopUp Brighton . Where I came across Libby Ballard's work. 

A recent ceramics graduate from the University of Brighton. What I like about Libby's collections is the simplicity and feel of the work. The ceramics she makes are good solid and worthy items that are going to do the job, but also just bring a bit of life into everyday objects. 

Libby Ballard ceramics

I purchased one of her rings bowls or small bowls to start off with, but I would quite like a whole set of beautiful mugs. 

Libby Ballard mugs

Libby's ceramics are going to stand the test of time. Classic colours and beautiful shapes, great additions to my collection. 

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