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London Craft Week Diary - Toast Creative Residency

Julius ArthurComment
Toast Creative Residency

In the build up to London Craft Week we headed to PaperMill Studio in Islington for a day of Quilting at the Toast Creative Residency.

Wondering into our temporary quilting studio for the day, I was amazed at the space. Paper Mill Studio is a converted property consisting of three main rooms. A beautiful photographic studio, kitchen conservatory and the loft space on the first floor.

Image via paper mill studio

Image via paper mill studio

Greeted by the Toast team in the morning, we were able to set up within this amazing space in preperation to meet the public and toast followers as they cameto attend a series of workshops happening over the three day residency.

Sat on an old parkay work table, I joined Takashi McGil as they gave demonstrations. Showing people how they carve and make their Japanese wooden items and collection of hand made spoons of all shapes and sizes.

Over the course of the day, I slowly quilted away on some smallsamples that I have been working on, practising to give our first workshop later on this year at Port Eliot festival.


As the crowds came and went for their workshops I had the opportunity to meet and talk to lots of interesting people who came to watch me quilt and talk about my work. Chatting away about composition and stitch, it was really nice to be able to interact with people who were passionate about design and textiles.

While we are at the Creative Residency we were able to enjoy some of the other things that were on offer for workshop goers and vistors.


Toast also champions artists and during the event the work of the amazing Sue Lawty. Natural Materials and craft process sits at the centre of Sue’s work and the series of work that was on display was beautiful. Being able to get up close and personal with Sue’s work and to also meet Sue was such a great extra surprise for the day. I am a very big fan of her work and process.


We were also treated to some amazing cuisine from the talented Sarah Cotterell. Serving the most amazing Dal I have ever had in my life. It was mind blowing if you are a fan of simple but really well made food.


The New Makers display was also at the Residency Space, showcasing the work of the four makers taking part in the mentoring programme offered by Toast earlier this year. It was nice to see everyones work together in the space which was disaplyed so nicely together.