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House of Quinn - Baban

Julius ArthurComment

Baban is the Cornish word for baby and over the last year we have been working on some smaller House of Quinn quilts for the little ones in our lives.

We love to create with sustainable materials. Working with natural fibres to create unique and exclusive interior objects. After some experiments we put together a baby sized quilt, 1 meter x 1 meter using organic cotton quilt batting and natural textiles sourced from sustainble and renewable resources. The result was some adorable quilts which we shared last month.

Featuring the beautiful Otto, this quilt was inspired by mid century shapes and colours. Collaged together to add some brightnes and vibrance into the nursery. We loved the idea of neutral interiors for the babies room, peppered with bright objects to grab the attention of the little people in our lives.

We will be working on some more quilts for the Baban collection and building on our offering of simple luxuries for the little people we love.