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Guest Maker | Luke Beachey

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House of Quinn is working with local artists and makers in a new series showcasing curated collections of interior objects and artwork. Creating a space to explore themes and work with common connections. Each maker's work is featured in the HoQ online concept store. 

Simple luxuries for the everyday.

Luke Beachey House of Quinn

The first in our series of makers is Luke Beachey. With a beautiful, honest and captivating application of line, form and shape. Luke spans the world of artist and maker. We worked with Luke to feature a collection of his prints and original artworks that capture the folklore heritage personal to him and that also resonates within the HoC collections. 

I went to visit Luke at his home in Brighton to have a catch-up and cup of tea! Luke told me more about his inspirations, motives and how he likes to work, while we were surrounded by beautiful objects and items that Luke has collected or created. A very personal display of artefacts and objects that define Luke as a person and maker. I loved spending more time with Luke working on this project so I hope you enjoy it just as much. 

Luke Beachey 
Luke Beachey House of Quinn 

Where are you from?

"I’m originally from Cardiff in Wales but I spent a lot of my youth growing up in Carmarthenshire in west Wales. It was very rural, we lived in an area surrounded by farmland. I moved away from Wales to study and have been based in Brighton now for nine years. Always close to the sea."

Where did you study?

"I studied fine art painting at Brighton University, graduating in 2011."

If you had to describe your work in one sentence what would it be?

"Femme folk witchcraft underscored by trans identity and welsh heritage."

Luke Beachey Femme, Folk, Withcraft

Making by hand is an integral part of the House of Quinn studio practice. How important is it to you and what does it mean to you to be able to create?

"Oh, it’s extremely important. Sometimes artwork comes to be through practical trial and error while much other output comes to be through ritual and magic intention."

What are the main themes in your work?

"Queer identity, my own personal gender identity, welsh folklore, femininity, ritual and process. Mental health and self-care.Many of those themes have developed over the past ten years. My own gender identity and my relationship with folk art are continuing to evolve. I hope it will be explored further in my practice"

Luke Beachey Artust

What is your one tip for anyone who is a creative person/maker/artist?

"Get a thick skin. Take on criticism when you ask for it. Keep those who give you a constructive critical opinion close. Don’t give up hope when people and galleries don’t take notice. Don’t ever feel like you are embarrassed to ask for help. Most of all, don’t take yourself to seriously! It’s meant to be fun after all."

What’s next when it comes to your work. What are your plans and aspirations? What can we look forward to seeing?

"I’m looking at illustrating a book of short stories that I’ve written! New shows this year and hopefully some collaborations in the works."


Luke's work resonates on so many levels for me, and I hope that you will find Luke's words inspiring and the work as enchanting as I do. We have a curated collection of Lukes prints featured in the House of Quinn concept store as well as some original artwork ready to be sent to you. 

You can see the full collection from Luke Beachey here. 

and you can follow Luke here - Instagram: Lukebeachey

We will be sharing some more stories from new makers joining the House of Quinn makers series over the course of the year. You can keep up to date by joining our mailing list or following House of Quinn on social via the links below.