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HoQ Reads : Hello Mr

Julius ArthurComment

When eventually I do take time out to catch up, I like to delve into a good magazine. Sometimes just to escape into the photography and pictures. But Hello Mr. Is not that sort of publication, don't get me wrong it has beautiful images to look at. But more than that it has this way of connecting. It tells a story that is truer than you know and it opens its self up so that in turn you feel comfortable with yourself again. It answers questions and gives you insight and says "Hey you are a person like the rest of us, and we want to share that with you". 

I 100% recommend this magazine to "men who date men" but also to any one who just likes a good story and something really interesting to get your teeth into. 

The Editors note by Ryan Fitzgibbon really touched me. A creative mind is always overthinking and overanalysing and just saying "you know what yeah I do that, and that is ok". Reflecting on self-acceptance and just letting go, the issues stories and interviews echo this sentiment throughout.  

With a great interview with Perfume Genius's Mike Hadreas and the subject of strong women, manicures and making a gay anthem. Mike talks about his influences and support from his family and how he has been working on him self, and his mentality towards his work and his life. 

...Issue No.5 came out a while ago now. But If you can nab a copy do, as Issue no.6 is on its way. 

you can find out more at -, @Hellomr