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HoQ: Raf Simons the collector

Julius ArthurComment

Fashion is transient, moving and developing. We have been exploring the concepts of slow fashion and as House of Quinn is a brand built on the merits and ethos of collecting. We look to Raf Simons as inspiration in terms of the collections we surround ourselves with. 

Today's focus on Raf's career is at the forefront of the industry and the popularity in Mr Simons has grown through the popularisation of his work through a new generation exploring his influence as seen on modern music icons. 

As you know, Raf's career has been built on the merger between fashion and music. looking at how the youth cultures interacted with fashion, and how it fed back into the intrinsic way in which its listeners and followers created their own styles. Edited the styles they were given and created new uniforms. 

Photo for the Danny Sangra  interview with Raf Simons

Photo for the Danny Sangra interview with Raf Simons

But ultimately this whole Raf world was built from the inherent nature of the collector inside Raf. Coming from a furniture background, inspired by form and function, aesthetic and time. The whole Raf "movement" stems from a critical eye on personal taste. 

Raf's personal collections are what I am truly interested in, the fashion that comes from the designer is what stems from merging his influences. Being surrounded by beautiful objects, that question space and also negative space is what he sees. 

Raf's home in Antwerp is a shrine to the creative output you see on the catwalks. Art and collecting for Raf seem like a personal commodity, utilised in order to step away from fashion. To appreciate what is not fashion and what has not been created by himself.

Image from the  wall street journal

Image from the wall street journal

At House of Quinn we are about collections, putting the influences of what we love into design and we are conscious of that story. Placing ourselves within spaces adorned with personal objects that mean something to us. As I mentioned before slow fashion should take on this theory, if we collect what we absolutely love, we put more energy into obtaining it, keep hold of it for longer and find ways of integrating it into our everyday. A way of escaping, and holding on to your personalities. 

Raf's home is beautifully curated, filled with a wonderful selection of modern art, mid century design and furniture. The collection moves through the house, displaying objects in a way that brings them together but gives them the space they deserve. 

Collections of items from Margot Rugs, Evan Holloway Sculptures, a Ron Arad Chair. 

Sterling Ruby Ceramics are dotted around the house, monoliths to the creative forces that Raf keeps around him and works with from time to time. His personal surroundings informing his creative relationships and vice versa. 

Sterling Ruby ceramic sculptures

Sterling Ruby ceramic sculptures

Sterling Ruby ceramic sculptures 

Sterling Ruby ceramic sculptures 

I love Raf as a person, in interviews and in the recent documentary "Dior and I" he is a beautiful person, full of soul but with a humble and grounded approach to his life and design. 

His emotional connection to objects is what I find truly inspiring when it comes to making connections to this designer. I think that looking at the things we have around us says so much about a person, and is in a way so much more interesting. I think one of Raf's biggest successes is that you want to know more about him. He is intriguing and adored, but I would love to watch more interviews and read more articles about the people behind the design, instead of the design itself. 

Picasso Ceramics 

Picasso Ceramics 

Sterling Ruby Ceramics 

Sterling Ruby Ceramics