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HoQ : Re:new

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Representing conscious design, with a modern approach. Simple Style statements that each have a story. 

Our latest project from House of Quinn, Re:new;  explores the relationship between wearer and garment. It’s about getting deep down into our wants and needs and realising that style, taste and dressing is a personal exploration. We need to relinquish the heavy hand of fashion from suppressing our actual personalities. It beguiles us into consuming clothes and spitting them out rather than having a personal tie and results in copious amounts of waste.


Fashions spins so fast that we don't have the time to digest it and work out what we like. The next big thing comes round so quickly that I am not even sure what I miss in-between. There is no appreciation, no soul. If you sprint for longer than your body will allow you will inevitably become exhausted and burn out faster or over exert yourself and cause an injury. Fashion is running so fast it can’t even feel the pain in its legs, and when it realises it will be too late. I believe if it keeps running at this speed, it will be broken for life.


Re:new aims to showcase and represent a different approach. One that is about buying for long lasting love. Much like your favourite poem, album or book. These things will stay with your forever, you will always be reminded of them and love them in some way.


Re:new stands for regarding the new, a conversation about newness and from that conversation a renewed energy in how we think about fashion.


As a young fashion graduate, the emphasis was on creating a final collection. The antithesis for all fashion students and I think one of the main reasons I wanted to do the course in the beginning, even if I never made a fashion collection again.


Creating a collection at graduate level is a bizarre undertaking. You are trying to find your voice, showcase what you are all about in a transformative and fast paced industry, as well as trying to not be forgotten in the blink of your worst moment. Each year thousands of fashion graduates pour their heart, soul and finances into clothes that end up never being seen ever again. Stored in boxes or disposed of. Hours of hard work forgotten about.


I am also one of those people. My collector/hoarder mentality won’t let me throw anything away, so my collection of silk gowns has been sat in various closets and cupboards over the years as a homage to the time spent at university.


Well, no more I say. As a cleansing ritual and process of letting go, I want to transform and reinvented the collection. Turning elegant and dramatic gowns, into beautiful and luxurious wearable clothes that can be enjoyed, used and cherished.

You can see the full graduate project on my portfolio page here

The original inspiration for this collection was based around the construction of taxidermy. Looking at how the form of animals were created before applying the skin or pelt. The construction techniques used to create animal forms, the study of mammal and bird anatomy and how building taxidermy related to fashion. Wearing a skin and what went on beneath the outer layer.


It was a really great project to get lost in, but I have equally loved transforming it into items that I know would look just as amazing. The prints spring back to life it there renewed form, emphasising the drama and muted colours within the silk. 

Working with the original images, I cut them up and pasted them back together to create different print placements and arrangements. Using the beautiful lines and colours to readdress the use of the material. 


I worked with local maker Lindsey Newton, who works in Horsham, Sussex. From her home studio, she created each individual top and has reworked the silk into a beautiful garment for the House of Quinn.  

Not only was the print created with collaged elements, the garment construction was another level of collage. Building up the printed panels, coming together to add new dimensions to the print. 

The silk feels amazing against the skin drapes and moves with the body. The updated textiles have served the design well and this modern but simple approach to revisiting and renewing  textiles has been very satisfying all round.


The new top will hit the store this week. Limited edition prints, so we don’t have many. Unique and recycled simplicity. 

We created a short video of the garment to best show the movement and fit of new Anatomic Silk T-shirt, and you can watch it below or find us on Vimeo. 


Model - Jack Nugent 

Photography - Julius Arthur