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HoQ: Journey

DesignJulius ArthurComment

We have been doing a lot of work on House of Quinn. Developing a brand that feels more in-tune with today's modern outlook on fashion and a brand that has some personal resonance in its ethos. 

As customers, followers and readers of the House of Quinn and this blog,  the brands journey has been very public. Fashion brands  today mainly come at you with a very finished and definite message. But you have watched us evolve and have come on that journey with us. 

I hope that in doing so, it has maybe given some insight into what goes into creating collections, and garments and building a strong brand message. showing you a more personal side to HoQ. 

We want the brand to have a message, stand for something really important, but also to have some fun. We want the garments to be as beautiful and well made as they can possible be and we also want you as the customer, to be able to have some fun with the collections. 

Thank you for staying with us, showing your support and giving us your feedback. We are excited for the new chapters for House of Quinn.