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Julius ArthurComment

So we are getting a bit closer to releasing some new products into the world. 

It has taken some time  to get to this point, due to some complications and also really wanting to get the new products and ideas really right. 

Over the last few months you may have seen slight changes to the online store and the website. We really want to create a destination for you, and slowly build a really great on-line experience for you to shop in. We are online but we dont want it to feel sterile, we have no physical space for you to look around in but we want to do our best to recreate an immersive online destination for you. 


Our factory in London has been working with us on some new, amazing shorts that we will soon be presenting to you. We have some options and have listened to lots of feedback from our customers and followers, poring every bit of really helpful information into making something with the HoQ flavour and your amazing contribution. You were our collaborators on this one, so we really hope you enjoy it.