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HoQ : Collecting

Julius ArthurComment

A man after my own heart, Ken Stradling has been buyer, manager and director of the Bristol Guild of Applied Arts. 

I love collecting beautiful objects, much to the worry of my friends at the burgeoning amount of things that come into the house. But much like Ken Stradling my obsession with collecting started as a personal passion. 

Kens collection of 20th and 21st Century Items has turned into a relevant and important archive of applied arts and design. 

Kens Collection is now housed at 48 Park Row, Bristol and is open to the public on a Wednesday. Nothing is behind a cabinet, you can interact with every piece like a shop, but with out the purchasing. 

Recently one of my favourite publications, Inventory Magazine  put together a wonderful interview with Ken, Margaret Howell sat down with him to discus the collection and how it came  to be.