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Julius ArthurComment

I have been harping on about sustainability in fashion all week as you may have seen. But the subject is so exciting and incredibly interesting. 

Over the long periods of time, I have personally put into loving fashion I have grown to be tiered of it. at a young age I was obsessed with creating and exploring and watching fashion unfold and I think at the age of eleven I decided it was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. 

Some days I think, why? So much "stuff", over and over again every few weeks something new is entering the arena. How do you even keep up. I got bored and I fell out of love with it for a long time, I really struggled to understand what it was that I found inspiring in the first place. 

My exploration into sustainable fashion gave me a new outlook on fashion, it sort of gave it a reason again. a conscience, systematic approach that once applied creates a physicality to clothing that resonates for me. Now we can consume fashion with a good reason to do so, a combination of the exploration of style and the benefit to a wider an appropriate chain of circumstances that gives a deeper meaning. Wearing something that someone has lovingly made because they want to or because it is what drives them to also have a good and fulfilled life. 

I know I am getting a bit philosophical about it, But by just taking a moment to think about your options and what you wear could mean that someone else is enjoying their lives as much as you are enjoying wearing the garment. 

That comes in many many ways. I found a few women's focused brands that are not so much challenging the system, but by being creative are finding ways to produce garments in a responsible way that tell a story. 

One of my favourites is "Study" based in New York, Study produce seasonless contemporary womenswear. their website even shows you their "anti fashion" Calendar, highlighting the key differences between what they do and the "traditional" fashion calendar. 

The collections are beautiful. Simple and elegant shapes from beautiful natural fabrics. 

the moto at study is: 

“Making Fashion without Making Waste.” 

The whole process is closely monitored to reduce waste where ever possible and to make sure over consumption is avoided in the production chain. All of their garments are made with in the USA or Mexico and Peru. Using Alpaca wools from Peruvian alpaca yarn suppliers. 

there is a dedicated section to the website all about the process that study use within the design and manufacture process. 

Effortless and modern, Study's collections are structural and chic. Offering a contemporary way of dressing that combines feminine and masculine.