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HoQ : Sustainable menswear

Julius ArthurComment

Still today I think there is an odd stigma around sustainable fashion. On one had we all deep down know that the idea of sustainable and slow fashion is so much better. Without trying to sound too dramatic, it literally saves lives. But on the other hand, there is this vision of sustainable fashion still being stagnant in design and style. That everything is made from hemp and has no appeal in its aesthetic. 

The menswear fashion arena is a blaze, it saw a huge growth in interest over the last few years stemming from the seemingly "mundane" womenswear scene, where it feels like we have seen everything fashion could do, the eyes of the industry turned to menswear to be excited and challenged. I mention this in this post because even though the shift may have changed and menswear is moving at a fast rate, the number of ethical, sustainable or organic companies are still fairly small in comparison. 

Also, a lot of companies are "demi-sustainable". it is difficult to be 100% in this day and age and at the current time, but a definite shift can be seen taking place as more and more brands slowly move over to various sustainable and sustainably conscious ways of doing things. Recycling, organic, fair trade, dead stock, processes slowly altering the way in which things are done. 

Design is the name of the game, so these process may not be as transparent and companies talking a silent sustainable approach so not to taint the consumers idea of the brand aesthetic is also apparent. You can be sustainable and not need to shout it from the rooftops at all, which is totally fine. But some transparency may lead to a growth in the sustainable scene and lead to more people realising it can be done and with great effect. It's not all about brown hemp clothing. 

Ethletic, is a sustainable, fair trade and vegan footwear brand just making simple but versatile plimsolls from 100% fair trade production and farming. You could trade in your old pair of plimsolls for a pair of these and really be doing someone who made them (and someone connected to the people who contributed to making them) a lot of benefit.