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HoQ Finds : Tools of the Trade

Julius ArthurComment

A bad workman blames his tools, but who could blame anything so beautiful as these amazing tools of the trade. 

The humble pair of scissors is a garment makers best friend. As the members of my home will tell you, you never use a garment makers scissors for anything other than they were created for. Fabric for fabric, paper for paper and no less will do. 

Ernest Wright and Son Ltd is one of the last manufacturers of scissors in the UK and going strong. Based in Sheffield, one of the most distinct and respected areas of the country for manufacturing fine silverware and iron work. Ernest Wright and Son are producing the finest garment shears that money can buy. 

In the tradition of keeping it local, there is nothing better than cutting local cloth with local tools. These shears are the best and will last you a lifetime. 

Ernest Wright and Sons - Find out more and have a look at their products here.